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Hey there, I'm Doukissa Nomikou, and this is my story

I was born in Piraeus about three decades ago and grew up in Vouliagmeni. Since I was little, I liked to believe that I was a super-heroine with inexhaustible powers. Indeed, I always set high goals - pessimists would call them impossible - but with stubbornness and dedication I achieved them. Not always with the first one. But I certainly never gave up. Yes, I am stubborn, dreamy and optimistic. And a perfectionist. Because of this perfectionism, I attended AUEB and received my degree, knowing however that in the end, I would not occupy directly with the subject of my studies. In 2007 I won the title of Star Hellas in ANT1's beauty contest. At the same time, I started doing photo shoots and commercials, and the very next year I was on TV. And, just like that, it all started! In the following years, I was lucky enough to work with the best. I collaborated with colossal international brands, renowned Greek and foreign designers, and with recognized photographers, while I was involved in television, which I loved very much, presenting some of the most successful formats. In addition to television, I worked in radio, theater, and cinema. In 2018, I became a mom for the first time, devoting all my time to my family. Motherhood made me love children all over the world even more and recognize the needs of both them and their parents. This was one of the reasons why I became the ambassador of the charity association Together for the Child. Over the years, I realized two things about myself: First, I will never stop working and being creative, and, second, that I love adventures. One such is the Doukissa Nomikou e-shop. A new - not only professional but also personal - adventure that I would dare to say is the most beloved of all since it was born, designed, and developed in a period when I literally feel like I am overflowing with love. You see, as a mom of two now, I'm certain of what I've always suspected: That love is the most magical superpower in the universe. The one that gives you wings to fly to new skies, courage to swim in previously uncharted waters and enthusiasm to try your hand at new, exciting projects. My first jewelry collection, which you can get to know through the Doukissa e-shop Nomikou, could only be named after the driving force behind its creation: The Love Collection. Made with love, dedicated to love, meant to be loved.

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